RX-8 AccessPORT


The AccessPORT is the most user friendly reprogramming device for your vehicle's computer. Customized mapping - provided through the MazdaManiac Custom Calibration Service described below - will optimize the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing, remove the speed limiter (if so equipped), and more for performance results you can instantly feel!

But the AccessPORT is so much MORE than just a REFLASH DEVICE. It allows you to monitor your Fuel Economy (average and real time), perform performance tests in order to estimate your 0-60mph and 1/4 mile time, read and decipher ECU trouble codes (CELs), and monitor live data via the OEM vehicle sensors which eliminates the need for costly and cluttering aftermarket gauges!

The Cobb AccessPORT is currently available for the North American automatic transmission, 4-port and 6-port models as well as the manual transmission 6-port models, 2004 - 2008; as well as European versions, both high (6-port) and low (4-port) power, 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions, 2004 - 2008; 2005 and up Australian high power (6-port) and 2003/2004 high power (6-port) Japanese Domestic models with manual transmissions. 



   Through the MazdaManiac Custom Calibration Service, calibration can be provided to improve horsepower, torque, and fuel economy

  Through the MazdaManiac Custom Calibration Service, calibration can be provided to adapt fueling and ignition strategies for turbo or Supercharger conversion

  Through the MazdaManiac Custom Calibration Service, calibration can be provided to adjust fueling and ignition strategies for aftermarket intakes, exhausts and ignition systems

   Display vehicle data such as RPM, temperatures and more while you drive

   Easy installation, no mechanical or computer skills necessary

   Connects to your vehicle via the OBD-II port conveniently located under your dash

   Easy-to-read color display

   Update over the Internet to stay up-to-date with the latest features

   Read engine trouble codes (DTC) yourself, eliminating trips to the dealership

   Not a "piggyback" - once vehicle's computer has been programmed by the AccessPORT, it can be removed and the settings will stay in your computer (PCM).

   Not just an "ECU reflash" - AccessPORT features enhancements such as data monitors, reading DTCs, performance monitors and more.


The Cobb AccessPORT Kit Includes:

- AccessPORT

- Quick Start User Guide

- USB Cable

- OBDII Connector Cable

- Software CD

System Requirements:
Windows: XP 32 (not 64bit), Vista (32 or 64bit) or Windows 7 (32 or 64bit)
OSX: 10.5 or 10.6 (on Intel machines only) 


CLICK HERE to watch a short video, showing how easy it is to install the AccessPORT!


MazdaManiac customers that purchase the Cobb AccessPORT directly from MazdaManiac can receive application specific tuning calibrations through the Custom Calibration Service that are customized for your vehicle's modifications for only $99.00
(Regularly $299.00.)

These custom tuning files are NOT available anywhere else!

Read HERE about the Custom Calibration Service.


AccessPORT including the
Custom Calibration Service
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Cobb AccessPORT without the MazdaManiac Custom Calibration Service
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